The construction industry is seeing a huge increase in the number of new construction sites starting every year which directly increases the need for buildings to be built faster, safer and in a sustainable efficient manner.

Novaslice is a British company with the aim to improve the operation of breaking down concrete pile heads in construction sites. 

We hope we can work together with various projects to improve the work environment in constructions sites.


Willian Novais
Rory O'Sullivan

Willian Novais is a Civil Engineer with 12 years of experience in the construction industry. Willian attended London South Bank University where he studied for his degree and finished with a first class Honours degree in Civil Engineering.


In 2014, after many years experiencing the complications of existing pile cropping methods first hand, he decided to started his personal research project to find a solution to this troublesome task.He spent two years calculating the optimal method and testing various ideas in the lab. The result was the invention of the NovaSlice product , the simpler safer way to remove pile heads and the creation of Novaslice company.

Rory O’Sullivan BA BAI CEng MIMechE obtained a 1st class honours in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Trinity College Dublin having also studied Mechanical Design Engineering at l’INSA de Lyon in France. His career started at an international construction company where he worked with Willian on several projects. Knowing the high cost of existing unsafe pile cropping methods Rory immediately saw the benefits of the NovaSlice method.

Rory is primarily working in the nuclear sector developing the Moltex Energy Stable Salt Reactor, an advanced form of simpler safer nuclear. He is a Standout on the 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list for this work.